fragment of a moment

high density polyethylene

design research work
//orig. Polietilen velike gustine//
high density polyethylene

Modul M4 Workshop2
Faculty of Architecture
University of Belgrade// Year 2012// Individual work// prof Đorđe Stojanović and asst Milutin Cerović

This study derived from an interest in specific material reactions when subjected to a weather or different environmental inputs. In this case the research was conducted on an every day used recyclable plastic bags. By studying the properties of polyethylene bags the result gave a full scope of parameter inputs that can be used in creating different and interesting forms varying the level of structural properties and its directions, softness or gradient of translucency. Also it provided a knowledge in how to govern the initial inputs so the desired form or structure could be achieved. The result is documented by photography and is shown on the next few pages.